11 Best Helpdesk SaaS Platform for Your Business

Find out some of the best cloud-based helpdesk solutions to manage your customer support.

There is a lot of powerful cloud-based helpdesk system that you can use instead of the traditional method to install and manage the software by yourself.

Software as a Service (SaaS) got many advantages and sounds perfect for startup and small to medium businesses. Over a period, SaaS usage has been expanded in multiple spheres such as HR management, SEO, survey, newsletter, web security, etc.

Before jumping to the list, let’s have a quick look at the benefits of using SaaS.


SaaS is available to its users, mostly on a subscription basis. You rent, and the provider manages the software and everything in the backend. The subscription cost is lower than the traditional license models.

Most providers offer trial and pay-as-you-go so you don't have to invest and lock your money.

Quick deployment

The software is already installed and configured in the cloud platform. Thus, you need to pay for a subscription or start the trial to start using it. You don't need to go through software setup and configuration where you spend a few weeks.

Security and maintenance

Managing software, server, security is always challenging. You need to be skilled or hire one to do for you. This increases the extra business cost and burden to operational support. Thanks to the SaaS model, you don't have to worry about system administration, security patches, backup, and regular updates.


Most of the SaaS solutions are scalable. This gives you the flexibility to start with a lower plan and grow as demand increase. You can easily upgrade your plan without disturbing the production system.

SaaS is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to start with a minimum investment. What do you think?

Helpdesk software lets you manage customer queries faster. Support is always a key to business success, and choosing the right helpdesk solution can turn frustration into happy customers. It leads to better customer satisfaction.

It also helps your support team to handle issues, queries, feedback promptly.

Let’s explore the following available solutions.


Gorgias is the leading Helpdesk for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce stores. It scales as you grow thanks to its machine learning capabilities, where 20-25% of commonly asked questions can be automated with accurate customer data & personalization. It also integrates with social media and top apps in the eco-system to centralize all your customer information.

Key features:


Jitbit Helpdesk is a SaaS ticketing system with built-in live chat, Knowledgebase, and a powerful automation engine. Trusted by thousands of companies, it perfectly integrates with your support mailbox.

Key features


Freshdesk is one of the leading platforms when it comes to the customer service industry. It is cost-effective, quick, and easy to use. Also, it comes with excellent integration options and offers multiple ways to raise tickets. Customization is possible as per your brand needs.

Some of the features are:

Manage your customer queries from your mobile phone. The Freshdesk app is available for Android and iOS.


Zendesk is a consumer-friendly software that offers excellent packages in its suite that sets them apart from its competitors. The seamless services make it easy for the company to work on it.


Zendesk is trusted by Tesco, Shopify, Slack, and more.


Won best helpdesk software for many years, Happyfox provides an all-in-one solution to manage customer's questions and feedback.

It comes with the automation tools to reduce the ticket workload and integrate with your favorite tools.

You can use Happyfox for HR, IT helpdesk, Marketing, Customer services, Facilities, and more.


You can get it started from as low as $15 a month with LiveAgent to manage all your communication.

With over 150 features, you can imagine it can fit almost any requirement.

 Zoho Desk

Trusted by leading brands such as Intel, Sears, Mercedes Benz, and more.

Want to try out before paying?

Go ahead and try out Zoho Desk FREE plan.

Packed with many features:

Zoho has lately introduced Zia – an AI-based customer service solution.

Help Scout

A better way to talk to your customer, Help Scout is a customer service software trusted by more than 8000 businesses. They offer messaging, documentation, live chat, team collaboration, knowledge base, shared inbox, and integration to many third-party solutions.


Groove is easy to use focused on small to medium businesses with all the essential features you can expect from a helpdesk software.

You can get it started with their 30 days trial to see how Groove can help your business.


Whether you are running an eCommerce store or a SaaS-based company, HelpCrunch can help you in happy customer success. You can manage multi-channel communication from customers into a single dashboard.

With the help of their auto message feature, you can automate in-app messages, email to increase the conversion.


You can start with their FREE plan to experience their platform. I am sure; you will like it.


The robust customer support tool has been helping businesses to deliver excellent services to their clients. Powered by collaborative email, the help desk ticketing system simplifies your agents' job with easy issue tracking and faster ticket resolution.

Key Features:

You can get started with their 15 days free trial version to see how ProProfs Help Desk can do wonders for your business.

Managing customer support is always challenging, and I hope the above cloud-based helpdesk solution helps you achieve customer success.