7 Best Quiz Builder Tools to Engage More with Your Audience

One of the most challenging tasks for website owners is to hook the attention of their audience. With new strategies, programs, and drop-in attention span, generating leads has become extremely difficult.

However, there are several unique and fun strategies (content ideas) that one can opt for, such as quizzes. It can be related to the online trends or the personal opinion of the users and ensure that you can stay at the top of their minds.

It is an excellent way of getting a better understanding of users and establishing a solid relationship. A quiz maker can be the best way to start with surveys, quizzes, and other options to drive results.

Here is a list of best tools to create multiple types of quizzes to engage with your audience. Don’t forget to give a reward to attract more people taking a quiz.

Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is one of the top-rated quiz builders. The platform has created more than 100 million quizzes.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a WordPress plugin to create engaging quizzes to grow your business. You can make numbers, percentages, or personality types of examinations.

Quizzes – GoConqr

GoConqr is an easy-to-use Quiz Maker. It lets you create and discover at the same time. With it, you can create memory-boosting quizzes. One can use it to check subject mastery and hence an excellent tool for academics.

You can get it started for FREE.


QuizBean is aimed at student assessment but is not limited to it. You can use it for any purpose. QuizBean helps you to improve engagement with your students and potential customers.

Online Quiz Creator

Online Quiz Creator lets you create engaging and creative quizzes in a fun and easy way. You can create text, multiple-choice, or image questions.

Once created, you can embed the quiz on your site, share it with the link, or engage with your audience on social media.


The popularity of online quizzes is known to all of us. People love such games and are very responsive to them.

If you too want to create a site that makes online quizzes, then Qzzr is the best platform you can opt for.

You can go for the trial period if you are unsure of using it for a longer-term. If the features can woo you, then go ahead and keep using them further.

Here are some of the features that it comes with.


Riddle is another popular quiz-generating platform that lets you create quizzes and collect leads for your website.

With Riddle, you can easily collect emails from the potential audience by attracting them to participate in your quizzes.

Here are some of the features that it offers.


With suitable quizzes that can fit the company’s goal, engaging with the audience and converting leads will be easy. One can easily appeal to the customers but ensure to follow the guidelines and opt for what is best in sync with your business goals.

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