4 Self Hosted Web App Platforms

Why pay a hefty amount when you can host your favorite web applications yourself, on your server, in your network.

For a startup, small to a large organization – there are multiple open source and commercial software available which helps you to run the popular productivity, project management, chat, documents, etc. in an easy way on a public cloud or premises.

The following are the software packed platform, choose the one which fits your requirement.


Sandstorm is an open-source server platform with more than 70 applications for a small team, development, or medium to large organization.

You can install apps in just one click and will be available to your users. Some of the popular applications are:

Sandstorm offers single sign-on, so users don't have to remember credentials for each application. Let's take a look at some of the features.

Take a look at the app market place to see it satisfy your requirement.


YonoHost is a Debian-based, primarily designed to make self-hosting available to everyone. It is completely open-source, and the source code is available on Github. They got more than 100 applications including:

YunoHost got a friendly user and administration console. The following are some of its features.

Its lightweight software which can be installed on 1GB RAM and 500 MHz CPU.


Manage Gitlab, Ghost, OpenVPN, Mattermost, Confluence, Paperwork and a lot more smoothly with Cloudron. It is portable which means no hassle when you want to move to another server or cloud platform like DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, AWS, Linode, etc.

Cloudron uses Docker container internally to isolate the application from each other.

You have an option to store the backup to the external storage like S3, DO Spaces, or GCS. If you decide to go with Cloudron and don't want to set it up yourself, you can try Kamatera who gives you Cloudron with one click at as low as $4 a month.


DPlatform is entirely free software with its source code available on Github. It is Docker ready.



Save money with the above self-hosted application platform. They all got great documentation, and you can install them in less than 30 minutes.

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