Trusted Premium WordPress Security Plugin

A firewall is for your website the same as a security guard is for your home: you must trust blindly that it will keep threats away.

WordPress is great to build your website, but thanks to its popularity and its open plugin architecture, it is very vulnerable to threats and security flaws of all kinds. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply launch your website and completely forget about security issues?

But there are many choices, and if you ask me one WP security you can trust, then here you go.

…and say goodbye to untrusted plugins or code changes that cover only a tiny portion of the security landscape. What you get with Astra WordPress Firewall is a trusted solution for your all your WordPress website’s security needs.

Astra doesn’t require complicated configurations. And it begins protecting your site immediately after installing it. You can sit back and watch the malware trying uselessly to attack your site.

The firewall provides 24/7 real-time protection, brute-force protection, IP and country blocking, blacklist monitoring, spam blocking, and protection from more than 100 known flaws. But the package also includes these valuable security apps at no extra cost:

This comprehensive security solution will remove all kinds of malware that try to harm your website, without you doing anything and without slowing your site down. You will be sure that your site will have the latest versions of all the plugins and that all the necessary patches will be installed.

What are people saying?

Companies like Ford, Gillette, Firstpost, Cosmopolitan trust Astra.

Numbers talk for themselves

All it takes is 3 minutes to protect your awesome WordPress site.

There’s always an alternative.

A good choice is always based on considering alternatives.

That’s why you should also consider Wordfence, a security solution that includes an endpoint and a malware scanner built specifically to protect WordPress websites.

Wordfence has a free and premium plan. I would always recommend the premium if you are serious about your site security.

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