WebSphere 9 Is Available on IBM Cloud – Bluemix

IBM has released WebSphere Application Server 9 (WAS Classic) beta on their Cloud – Bluemix. Based on the initial announcement, it’s not known when it will be available as a full profile in downloadable installation but will be soon.

WebSphere 9 will be compatible with Java EE 7 and focused on following component matrix.

Above are just a few names.

To have a feel about WebSphere 9, you have to create an account on IBM Cloud. It has 30 days trial with 2 GB of runtime on Linux OS and this is how you can get one.

It’s good to see application server like WebSphere on the cloud, this will certainly change the trend of hosting applications in own data center vs. cloud. If you are not familiar with Cloud hosting, you can try Amazon Cloud Service – they offer 12 months in free.

Ok, let’s get it started…




You will get a confirmation email to validate before using their service. Once confirmed, log in with your account and you will have a dashboard.



At right-hand side, give the service name and select “WAS v9 Full Profile Beta Plan” and click on “CREATE”


It will take few minutes to provision and once done, you will have all information like IP, admin username/password, etc. about V9 and virtual server.


Woo-hoo! WAS 9 is ready for Cloud for you to play around. One thing you have to keep in mind, accessing Admin Console or virtual machine is available only through VPN and here is a quick procedure for Windows OS. For Linux and MAC, you can refer here.


Click on “Download VPN Configuration” shown on the dashboard. We need this to put inside OpenVPN.




Now, you have VPN running and it's time to launch WAS Admin Console.


So now you have IBM WAS 9 running on a cloud. In the default installation, you will have some samples EE7 application.


Isn’t it a cool way to play around without installing the software on your computer? Click around the console navigation and get familiar with WebSphere Application Server 9.

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